Drift Compression Short Sleeves

Drift Compression Short Sleeves

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Our range of compression wear helps you to achieve all your goals that you set for yourself before your workout. We strongly believe that there is no finish line when it comes to training and competing, and this does exactly that. A lightweight marvel – for the maverick in you. With all the benefits of Shield compression this is comfortable enough to be worn all day on its own or as a base layer. Built for epic performances and and Epic you.


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Aims to provide muscular support, improved blood flow from graduated compression, offers increased muscular strength with less energy expenditure
Provides ergogenic benefits for athletes during exercise by enhancing lactate removal, reducing muscle oscillation
The fabric itself is a breathable double layer nylon (90%) construction with polyurethane elastane (10%) for multi-way stretch comfort.
Two of the primary functions are moisture transport and temperature regulation. Get back to full strength faster and stronger
They have been shown to improve balance by up to 20%, and reduce muscle vibration by 20%.
They are a must for elite athletes and weekend warriors in any sport.
Perfect as baselayers and do adorn the muscles you work so hard for!


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